Last week at Camp Courageous we had multiple water pipes break resulting in flooding and damage to our ceiling, walls, electrical, and appliances. The damage is well over $60,000. Hundreds of families rely on Camp Courageous every year. This is an opportunity for individuals with special needs to experience a summer camp and give parents/caregivers a much needed rest. Any donation that you can afford would help us with our deductible and make sure that the Dining Hall is fully restored before camp starts in the Spring. Thank you for your generosity!



Thanks and Happy Holidays!



Camp Courageous & the Arc of Northwest Ohio Reorganization: A Holocratic Model

Holocratic Model: Comprehensive practice for structuring, governing and running an organization that removes power from a management hierarchy and distributes it across clear roles which can then be executed collaboratively

To better serve individuals with Developmental Disabilities, Camp Courageous and the Arc of Northwest Ohio, Inc. have recently reorganized the agency. The agency has moved from a “top-down” Executive Director model to a collaborative team model based on aholocratic” management format. This new leadership model eliminates the Executive Director’s position and features management through team leaders: a Camp Director, Emily Farren, who will be responsible for all Camp Courageous related activities; a Program Director, Nicole Osstifin, who will be responsible for all Arc related activities; and the agency’s Board of Directors, chaired by Mark Frey. The team leaders (Farren and Osstifin) will work together on joint activities and will report directly to the Executive Committee on a regular basis. This type of management model allows team leaders to act in a more expedient manner and promotes the opportunity for greater entrepreneurial ideas and activities. The Board feels that this model will not only meet our fiduciary responsibilities but will also enhance agency services for individuals and families dealing with developmental disabilities.

Current agency services for consumers will not be disrupted due to this change. For more information or inquiries, please feel free to contact:

Mark Frey, Board President, Camp Courageous and the Arc of Northwest Ohio, Inc. mfrey@bex.net

Emily Farren, Camp Director emilyf@campcourageous.com

Nicole Osstifin, Program Director nicoleo@arclucas.org

The Board of Directors and the Management Team for Camp Courageous and the Arc of Northwest Ohio look forward to providing continued and improved services for individuals with Developmental Disabilities!

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The Arc of Lucas County is governed by a volunteer board of directors and managed by key staff. We work passionately to uphold our vision that every individual and family living with an intellectual or developmental disability in Lucas County has access to the information, advocacy, and skills they need to participate as active members of our community.

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Volunteers ROCK!

Master Chemical Corporation (Perrysburg) kick-started our Volunteer Camp Clean-Up weekend this year in May. More than 20 Master Chemical employees volunteered their time and talent to help us paint, clean the pool, fix kitchen equipment, etc.. in preparation for another great camp season with our special needs campers.

Over the next 3 days, more than 50 people joined in the efforts to help ready our grounds and welcome more than 300 campers. A heartfelt thank you to all who came out whether for an hour or an entire day!  Your efforts are truly appreciated.